General conditions:

Please read carefully the terms and conditions for using the website of LDG Ltd.and the services we offer!

This site is owned by LDG Ltd.with UIC 131398076 and the following general conditions govern the relationship between site visitors and the owner. The general terms and conditions of the site are a contract between the visitors of the site and the company LDG Ltd. This contract describes the rights and obligations of both parties and gives visitors the right to use the information and services for personal, non - commercial purposes.

Terms and definitions:

  • - LDG Ltd. (referred to in this document as LDG, the Company, and/or the Provider) is a company registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 131398076, VAT registered BG131398076 and address of management Sofia, LAGERA bl. 53, ent. B, fl. 6, apt. 40
  • - Website (also called Website or Page) - corporate internet platform, created and administered by LDG Ltd., available at The site provides users with free access to all of the information published on the pages.
  • - User of the Site (also called the User, Visitor, or Client) - any person who has gained access to the Site, has read and agreed to the terms of its use, is informed, commented, submits inquiries or uses it in another way.
  • - IP address - a unique identification number associated with the device from which the Site or website is accessed, which allows its localization on the Internet.
  • - E-mail address - the mailboxes specified by LDG and the User
  • - Parties - LDG Ltd. and the User of the site
  • - Direct marketing - advertising or other type of messages that offer goods and services of the Company by mail, telephone or other direct means.
  • - Electronic link - a link marked on the page of LDG Ltd., which automatically redirects the User to another website or information source
  • - Malicious interference or attacks by third parties - actions / inactions of persons outside the company LDG Ltd., which are in conflict with the accepted rules of Internet ethics or cause harm. These can be: hacking into the server, stealing data, sending unsolicited e-mails (spam, junk mails), gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords, taking advantage of deficiencies in the system to obtain information or to receive a benefit for personal gain, sending or inducing the installation of "viruses" or remote control systems, etc. actions that may be interpreted as a crime or administrative violation of applicable law.

LDG Ltd. provides free access to the information published on its website, as well as to the online services it offers (sending inquiries, registration for receiving e-mails such as newsletters, etc.). By visiting the Site, the User agrees to comply with the following terms:

  • - access to the published information and information resources - texts, graphics, audio and video materials, etc.
  • - access to the search tools on the Page
  • - Possibility to send inquiries or other electronic messages to LDG
  • - Possibility to register / withdraw consent to receive information newsletter
  • - access to links to the social networks of LDG Ltd. or other published information resources and links from the Company's Page

LDG ltd. is not responsible for the following:

  • - errors or omissions made by Providers and third parties providing the information published on the Page
  • - deletion, inability to offer or save user settings
  • - inability to provide access to the information contained on the website
  • - lost profits or damages due to the inability to use the services offered
  • - interference with the access to the Site
  • - interpretation of the information published on the Site by the User;
  • - in case of incompleteness or inaccuracy in the information on other websites to which the Site has made links
  • - consequences or damages related in any way to the access or use of
  • - changes or deletions of the publications on the Site
  • - viruses caused by malicious interference or attacks by third parties

Privacy and Copyrights Policy:

All information contained on the pages of the Site (including articles, attachments, visual images, documents, links, etc.) is a trade secret. LDG Ltd. does not agree to distribute it in whole or in part without the express consent of LDG, except for the use of the Site, which is in accordance with these General Terms.

The content of the Page, the layout, the structure, all contained materials, databases and resources are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are the exclusive property of LDG Ltd. and the respective persons / companies that have granted usage rights to LDG.

Visitors to the site may not delete, copy, reproduce, distribute or otherwise use the published information without the express written consent of LDG Ltd. Free access to the site does not constitute permission to perform the actions described above and will be construed as a violation of the copyright of LDG Ltd. within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

LDG Ltd. has the right to change published information, documentation, design, technology and any type of information and services offered, photographic and graphic, etc., without prior notice to the User of the Site.

The General Terms of Use of the website published on the LDG website consist of all the clauses that make them up. The impossibility of complying with any of the above points does not constitute a waiver of these conditions. The absence of validity of any of the clauses does not lead to the invalidity of the other clauses.

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