Consolidation point of power supply in office spaces


In recent years, the trend of home office (work from home) has become increasingly popular in some professions, and the requirements of employers and employees for office space have been increasing. The functionality of office spaces and the amenities that companies are looking for in order to increase workplace comfort, employee satisfaction, and hence increase efficiency and productivity, require changes in both the work atmosphere and the organization of the work space. The creation of new work stations and the reorganization of office spaces is on the agenda of a lot of companies.

Office redesign is a trend that is growing. Nowadays, it is no longer seen only as space optimisation, but as the interaction of people, technology and workspace. An increasingly common practice in open office spaces, which is set at the project level, is the installation of a CP (Consolidation Point).

CP is installed with horizontal wiring, between the floor distributor and the workplace. This allows flexibility in moving the pins in the work area when needed.

According to the standards of ISO 11801 and EN 50174, one consolidation point is allowed between the floor distributor and the telecommunication terminal, and the CP must contain only passive connections. In addition, the following requirements apply to the consolidation point:

  • its location must be such that each group of jobs is served by at least one CP;
  • the maximum number of jobs that a CP can serve is 12;
  • the recommended minimum length between the floor distributor and the consolidation point is 15 meters;
  • The CP must be located in a place that provides constant access, such as suspended ceilings and double floors.

The German innovators from Bachmann offer a trendy solution - a system for easy installation and a reliable solution for data transfer and power supply to the desktop - consolidation point and floor light.

The consolidation point gathers two modules - 1 for power supply with 12 GST18i3 outputs and 1 for data with space for 6 double RJ45 sockets, and the floor light - provides cable output to the workplace. This eliminates the need for complex and inflexible solutions, such as traditional floor boxes.


Bachmann's concept of open office wiring is practical and open to future changes by optimizing investment costs.

Of course, we must not forget that a well-organized space, even in an organization with open offices, adds value when the company has flexibility and integrates innovative ideas.

Bachmann's suggestions for CP and floor lightning can be found here.

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