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The construction of a building goes through a number of stages - from design, through rough construction, construction of electrical installation, etc. Each of these stages undergoes a number of changes in the work process until the building becomes a finished project.

The development of technologies and various solutions that technicians and manufacturers provide in order to facilitate the work in the various stages and areas of construction are innovated regularly. The more accepted and widespread the idea and functionality of a product becomes, the more sought after and accessible for the end user it becomes.


Exactly such a product are the multimedia and combined boards of the Polish manufacturer EPN. Multimedia boards allow homeowners to gain independence in choosing a telecommunications service provider. The infrastructure of the main types of cables for delivery of telecommunication services - optical, coaxial or twisted pairs, are built during the construction. This solves the challenges of maintaining the cable routes in the common parts of the buildings and allows each user to change their service provider without having to drill holes for new cables.

Telecommunication service providers have access to the common entry point in the building, from which users connect to their networks, and the users themselves have a multimedia board from which they control the end communication sockets in the apartment - for TV, internet or telephone.

The boards made by EPN give a stylish, interesting and complete solution for the electrical installations in the apartment. The series of Polish multimedia boards that we offer at LDG are Elegant and MSF.

Elegant series:

Thanks to their uniform appearance and dimensions, the LV2 Elegant multimedia low-power panel and the Elegant 2x12 power panel can be installed side by side. Both panels have solid, white PVC doors that do not allow shielding of the signal from the router and adhere perfectly to the body, giving a stylish finish to the electrical installations in the home.

Elegant have a degree of protection IP40, dimensions - 350x310x102mm and the following equipment:

LV2 Elegant multimedia board:

  • - 1 piece. multimedia panel;
  • - 1 piece. perforated mounting plate;
  • - 1 piece. schuko socket.

Power panel for concealed installation 2x12 Elegant modules:

  • - 2 pcs. DIN rail 12 modules
  • - 1 piece. insulated terminal N (4x16mm² + 4x10mm²) blue
  • - 1 piece. insulated terminal PE (6x16mm² + 7x10mm²) green

MSF Backgammon Series:

The MSF range is specially designed to cover every need of modern construction. The boards in the series are of two types - multimedia and combined.

MSF multimedia boards:

  • - the ones available in our warehouse in LDG are intended for installation;
  • - have a perforated mounting plate for mounting teletech devices and integrated schuko socket 16A / 250V;
  • - have a thin, flat metal door with ventilation holes (hole size - 5 mm);
  • - DIN rail (exception is the dashboard 2011-00S - LV1);
  • - possibility to replace the DIN rail with a multimedia panel.

Combined multimedia boards MSF

In addition to the described characteristics and elements of the multimedia boards, they also have:

  • - DIN rails - 1, 2 or 3 rails of 12 modules;
  • - 1 piece. multimedia panel for 4x M45 modules
  • - 1 piece. insulated terminal N (blue) and 1 pc. insulated terminal PE (green) - the dimensions of the terminals, as well as the cross sections of the cables suitable for installation in them, are different depending on the size of the panel.

LDG is the exclusive distributor for multimedia boards of the Polish manufacturer EPN.

All EPN multimedia boards available in stock at LDG can be viewed here.

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EPN multimedia boards

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