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What are cookies and why are they needed?

"Cookies" are small text files that are downloaded to a used device (tablet, computer, telephone) when you log in to a website. They enable the site to function correctly, to recognize the device from which the site was accessed and to store information about the user's preferences for a certain period of time (language selection, font size, login, etc.)

When loading the page at and when viewing its content, cookies, which allow its proper functioning, optimisation of its operation, as well as the collection of summary information about statistical goals and page traffic, are used.

When we use Google extensions, such as Google AdWords, Google processes your personal information. For more information, please read the Google's website.

How to control cookies and other applications?

In order to be able to control the cookies used on our website, you need to set up certain settings on your browser. This activity depends on the browser you use and its settings: for Google Chrome click here, for Mozzila click here, for Internet Explorer click here.

For more information about cookies, we recommend that you visit, as well as,

Using the method described above, you can control and / or delete cookies whenever you wish.You can also delete all cookies that are currently stored on your computer, as well as make browser settings to block them in the future.

However, when performing these actions, it is possible to make manual settings each time you visit certain sites.It is also possible that some of the services and features of these sites may not work.This includes the possibility that our site will not load for you.

If you'd like to control Google's functionality for displaying personalised advertising messages, you can visit the following link on Google's Ads Settings:

To exclude the use of third - party cookies, visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt -out page or

What cookies do we use on our site?

➢ Necessary cookies

This type of cookies supports the main technical areas of the site. Without them, the website would not be able to function in a way that is useful to you and provide you with the services you have requested. The information collected by these cookies is not user-friendly and could not be used for marketing purposes or to store your activities on the Internet. The validity of the required cookies is 6 months.

Used on the site: lang - indicates the preferred language of the site.

➢ Session cookies

Session cookies allow you to use some useful features - remembering your preferences that you have selected during your previous visits to our page. Such are, for example, the country and language for loading the visualisation. This information is temporary and is retained only as long as the user is actively connected to the site.

Used on the site: sessionid - сесийна бисквитка и има валидност 6 месеца.Чрез нея записваме кодирана стойност.Например: "oh2e4ziksduuu5jvuc2x21jy".Това ID е временно и се запазва, само докато е активна връзка на потребителя със сайта.

➢ Third Party Cookies

Please note that third parties (for example, external service providers such as web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies over which we have no control. Most often, these cookies are analytical or those that provide individualised content. This includes cookies on social platforms and networks, which facilitate the sharing of content on different platforms.

Used on the site: _gid, _gat, _ga - Google cookie.

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