THORSMAN Digital Multimeter Cat3 600V

Price: 69.10 BGN/pcs. (excl. VAT)

Code: IMT23222

Barcode: 3606489486167

Small pack: 1

Availability: Availability

- Digital multimeter equipped with a backlit screen and a data hold function
- DC voltage range: 0.2/2/20/200/600 V
- AC voltage range: 200/600 V
- DC current: 0.2 mA/2 mA/20 mA/200 mA/10 A
- Resistance: 200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ/200 kΩ/2 MΩ
- Continuity: yes, under 100 Ω
- Battery test: yes, 1.5 V (AA, AAA and button cell) and 9 V
- Electrical insulation: IEC 61010 Cat III 600 V
- Fused by 250 mA and 10 A fast fuse
- Power: 9 V battery
- Weight: approx. 290 g (with battery).
- A high specification digital multimeter, designed to measure voltage, current and
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