Thermostat Smart Netatmo Pro

Price: 299.00 BGN/pcs. (excl. VAT)

Code: NTH01-EN-EU

Barcode: 3700730500241

Small pack: 1

Big pack: 6

Availability: Availability

The Netatmo Pro smart thermostat allows you to control your home heating remotely. Thanks to the connected thermostat and the Energy or Home + Control applications, you can control your energy consumption and reduce your monthly bills.
The thermostat requires a Wi-Fi router, internet access and a good internet connection.
The thermostat can be controlled:
- manually
- from a distance (via the Netatmo Energy and Home + Control by Legrand applications). The device you use must support versions: iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android 5.0 or newer
- Voice, via voice assistant (Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).
The smart thermostat works with all types of domestic boilers - wood, pellets, gas and heat pumps.
The display of the connected thermostat is monochrome, for better readability.
- self-learning function - the thermostat takes into account the temperature inside and outside the home, as well as the preferences of consumers for a certain period of time;
- save more thanks to the modes: "Prolonged absence", "Frost protection":
With the "Prolonged absence" mode you can maintain a constant room temperature for a longer time;
In "Frost protection" mode, the system is in off but continues to monitor the ambient temperature and when it falls below certain values, the system turns on;
- storage of information on consumption and consumer preferences and the ability to view data in the Energy application in order to track and optimize consumption;
The thermostat can be used in conjunction with the Netatmo Pro NAV-PRO Smart Valves.
- range: up to 100 m (868 MHz);
- measuring temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C, accuracy ± 0.1 ° C;
- temperature range set by the customer: 5 ° C to 30 ° C, regulation ± 0.5 ° C;
- compatible with: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz)
- security: Open / WEP / WPA / WPA-2 personal (TKIP and AES)
- dimensions of the thermostat: 83 x 73 x 32 mm (depth 46 mm with the frame for wall mounting);
- dimensions of the Gateway with relay: 24 x 83 x 83 mm
The package contains:
- 1 Smart thermostat;
- 1 wireless Gateway with relay;
- 1 back cover (when you want the thermostat to be used as a freestanding one);
- 1 frame for wall mounting;
- 1 adapter for boiler;
- 1 main adapter;
- 4 self-adhesive coloured stickers (yellow, blue, orange, green);
- 3 AAA batteries;
- 4 screws and 1 plug
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