Telescopic drywall support ST 2900

Price: 61.36 BGN/pcs. (excl. VAT)

Code: ST290

Barcode: 4008158031583

Small pack: 1

Availability: Availability

The ST telescopic support is extremely comfortable and flexible to operate. It is suitable for ceiling and mounting supports
In addition to fixing a wide variety of building materials, they can also be used to partition rooms, such as burglary protection, to attach cat nets and even to build conservatories or carports.
Elastic and anti-slip support ensures secure retention.
■ thanks to special steel pipes provides a maximum load of 150 kg (depending on the size of the support and the applied length);
■ additional lock of the release button;
■ rubber PVC contact surfaces above and below, which counteract slipping and do not damage the surfaces (8.5 x 6.5 cm);
■ easy to operate;
■ fixing in just two steps: pre-adjustment is performed with the telescopic and quick-locking inner tube; the final tightening is done by turning the support
■ Stable construction thanks to special steel pipes and anti-slip PVC contact;
■ thanks to its movable tips, ST can use on inclined surfaces;
■ GS-certified for quality and safety
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