Flat plug 16A with earthing black schuko / French EVOline

Price: 16.66 BGN/pcs. (excl. VAT)

Code: 151000000100

Barcode: 4044657008008

Small pack: 1

Big pack: 20

The EVOline plug is extremely thin and has movable plug head.
Complies with VDE standard.
It is Suitable for installation together with cables up to 1.5 m², 240V / 16A.
Color: Black
The EVOline flat plug has a new efficient product design, which is characterized by a very low overall height. This allows the furniture to be stored against the wall as much as possible. The plug is suitable for use in installations of built-in devices, lighting fixtures, any type of electronics, etc.
The flat plug is the optimal solution in any room of the house - behind sofas, cabinets, in the kitchen space under the top row of cabinets, etc.
Thanks to the movable "head" of the plug, no effort is required for removing the plug from the socket. Even in case of incorrect disconnection of the appliance by pulling the cable instead of the plug from the socket, the EVOline flat plug is easily removed from the socket, which prevents the possibility of the cable breaking.
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