ELEVATOR 2xCEE7/3 2,0m wire ferruels

Price: 126.33 BGN/pcs. (excl. VAT)

Code: B928.002

Barcode: 4016514066957

Small pack: 1

Big pack: 6

Availability: Availability

Elevator modules are suitable for installation in kitchen countertops, cabinets, in desks or tables.
Compact, easy to install in various surfaces (in a standard hole of 79 mm), the Elevators offer us an interesting and modern solution, analogous to the couplers.
When is not in use, the Elevator aligns with the surface of the hob and retracts under it. To open it again, just lightly press the lid lightly with your fingers.
When mounted it in cabinets or on a wall, you can "dress" it in an additional stylish box, which hides the module in the stowed position.
- 2x contact Shuko
- 2m power cable
- plug
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