Business to Business, or better known as B2B (B-to-B), is a business platform aimed at partners of LDG Ltd. - trade and engineering companies, installers, architects and designers.

In the context of communication, B2B helps to communicate between employees of both companies - supplier and customer, for faster access to information, sending and processing orders.

The B2B platform of LDG Ltd. allows our partners to receive up-to-date and timely information on:

  • - the wide range of products;
  • - settings for the needs of the user;
  • - availability of stock;
  • - delivery conditions;
  • - order processing;
  • - tracking of orders;
  • - archive of issued documents, etc.

The Internet provides a stable environment in which companies get quick access to information and an easy method of communication.

If you are not yet a user of our B2B platform - contact your LDG sales representative for more information and assistance in creating your profile on the platform.

If you are not, but you want to become a partner of LDG - contact us at or by phone 02 862 7871 and 02 862 8875 -

For quick access to the B2B system, please click here:


Our team of professionals is waiting for your inquiries and orders!

B2B differs from B2C models and arrangements of communication, supply and sales, and is not aimed at individuals.

B2B - Business to Business

B2C - Business to the end user

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